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The Hunger Games was as great movie that explored love, life, and sadness. This tale of Katniss, a very matured teenager, who puts her life on the line to save her sister Prim. The Hunger Games kept you watching the screen with high points as well as low ones. Even though the camera shaking was annoying at times, it did pull through to hide some of the gruesome displays of teenagers killing each other.

My favorite moment was the interview between Katniss Everdeen and Ceaser Flickerman, it showed the true Katniss that is in the spotlight and had all the important elements from the book. Jennifer Lawrence played a good Katniss and captured all of her facial expressions as well as personality traits, she also knew how to use a bow. Josh Hutcherson also captured his characters adaptation, and used his confidence to good use.

Over all The Hunger Games was a good adaptation of the bestselling book.