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Bubbles’ Life: A fictional story about my dog.

Posted: September 9, 2011 by dachsundsrule in Short Story

By Eliot

Hey. My name is Bubbles and this is my story. I was just a puppy when I first met my owner. Well I am still a puppy now but not as young as I was before. I had never been outside before until now. I was so scared of the world I had just discovered. It was beautiful but terrifying. I had just come out of my house when all of a sudden I saw a creature two times the size of me. It started hooting… it was really creepy. I didn’t know what it was so I ran back inside. I barked at my sister, “Wow that was scary!”

My sister, Charity, told me that it was just an owl. She explained that it was just a hoot owl and that it was no harm to me. I was so relieved. My sister was a little older than me so she knew more about the outdoors. I wanted to ask her more but it was time for me and my sisters to eat. My other sister, Princess, was already at her bowl when Charity and I got there. Princess had already halfway eaten all the food in her bowl by the time we started eating. Princess is the mean sister of the three of us. She is super hyper and she is always mean to me. I am the middle sister. She is the youngest which is why I can’t be mean to her back. My mom says that being mean to your little sister is wrong. Hopefully I will get away from her soon. I would miss Charity though. She is always nice to me. Hopefully I would be able to see her any time. Charity and I started eating and Princess was already finished.

Princess started barking, “You guys are so slow! I always eat fast because I’ve got something better to do! I guess that means you guys don’t have a life! Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

Oh my gosh I hate her SO much! Oh I forgot to mention that my name at the time was Hope. Well a few days later my owner, Kevin, found one of his friends who wanted to adopt me! I overheard that he had a daughter who wanted a dog really badly! I always wanted a girl owner. The next day, Kevin brought me over to my new owner’s house. It was a nice house. The girl wasn’t there though. I wonder where she is.  Well I hope I meet her soon! That day I met her for the first time. My new owner, David, took me to the pet store and bought me a bunch of toys and a cool bag! After that I got in my new carrier and we got back in the car. We drove up to a big building that had green roofs and a huge wooden pathway! It was the biggest building I had ever seen. A girl with brown hair and hazel eyes came running down the wooden pathway jumping up and down and two girls were following her. One girl had blonde hair and blue eyes and the other one had brunette hair and brown eyes. I could see that the first girl was really excited because I could almost see what she was saying but I could tell that she was yelling. I could tell that the blonde haired girl was excited but not as excited as she was. David picked up my bag and opened the car door. I could hear what they were saying now.

The first girl was saying “YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! I AM GETTING A DOG TODAY!!!!”

The girl with brunette hair was saying, “CALM DOWN! YOU HAVE SAID THAT A MILLION TIMES!!! NO BODY CARES!!!” I could tell at the start that she was not very nice. They walked over to the car.

The girl with brown hair said, “Hey Dad! Is Bubbles here?”

David said, “She’s right here!” He pointed to my bag. I hoped for my life that the mean girl wasn’t my owner.

“Aww she is so cute!!!” The blonde and the brown-haired girls screamed.

The brunette girl said, “Can I hold her?”

“NO!” said the brown-haired girl, “She is MY dog and I am not letting you get your germs on her.” Yes! She was my owner AND the best part was that she didn’t seem to like that other girl too much.

The blonde girl said, “Oh my gosh Eliot! You are so lucky to have such a cute and sweet dog!”

I liked her already. The brown-haired girl said, “Can I hold her?”

“Of course! She is your dog.”


David opened my bag and she picked me up. I hoped Eliot wouldn’t let that mean girl hold me. The blonde girl said “Eliot you are SO lucky!” “Thanks Brooke! She is SO cute isn’t she!” said Eliot.

“Now you take what you said a minute a go back, don’t you Elizabeth.”

“NO! I would never take anything back about your STUPID DOG!” said Elizabeth. I still don’t like Elizabeth. She doesn’t seem nice at all! Eliot picked me up.  She seemed much nicer than Elizabeth. I was glad that Eliot was my owner. I didn’t know her very well but I could tell she was nice. Brooke seemed nice too.

“Hey dad can we go up to the playground?” said Eliot.

“Sure! I bet everyone would love to meet Bubbles!” said David. Eliot carried me up the wooden walkway and onto a GIANT field!

“Can I hold her? Can I hold her PLEASE!!!????” said Elizabeth.

PLEASE don’t let her hold me! Please don’t let her hold MEEE!” I thought.


“PLEASE!!!!????? C’MON ELIOT! PLEASE!!!” screamed Elizabeth.

“NO WAY!!!!” Screamed Eliot.

“FINE!” Elizabeth ran away crying! YES! Unfortunately for me, she came back two minutes later, begging AGAIN! GRRR I hate her.

“C’mon El just let her hold Bubbles ONCE” said David.

“NOOOOOOO! Why would you do this to me David?” I thought.

“But dad! I don’t want Elizabeth to hold her!” said Eliot.

“Oh! We need to go! I forgot I have a work paper due at 6:00! We have to go NOW!” said David.

“Ok!” said Eliot. “Bye Brooke! See you tomorrow! Maybe you can come over tomorrow! Bye!” We got in the car and drove away from the building. When we got home, Eliot picked me up and started petting me. Then she put me down on the floor and grabbed a stuffed sheep. It started squeaking. I wanted to get that sheep. Oh! David had made me dinner! YAY! Food! I ate my dinner and begged to get up on the couch.

Eliot picked me up and put me on the couch. I curled up and went to sleep. I dreamed of dog food and toys. The next morning I woke up and I was still on the couch. I was the only one awake in the house. I decided to explore. I hopped off the couch and onto the floor. The carpet was soft and I had a soft landing. I started walking through the house. It was huge! There was a huge white cabinet and giant shelves and HUGE doors! Everything was really big in this house. Hmm? I wonder why? Well I think today is the weekend so I hope I get to hang out with Eliot!

I wonder why they keep calling me Bubbles… hmm.  Well I guess I will find out soon. Maybe that is what they named me? Well then I would be happy because I love that name! A door opened and Eliot stepped out of the room wearing some sort of nightgown. She said, “Good morning Bubbles! Why are you up so early?”

I wanted to answer but I couldn’t because I can’t talk. “Aw you are sooooooo cute!” she said. She walked over to a chair and sat down. She looked down at me and said, “Oh! Do you want to come up here?” I barked so she picked me up and put me on the chair. She put on some headphones and started talking. I could hear another voice barely from the headphones. She was talking about some game. She said, “Hey Jackson! Guess what! I got a new dog yesterday! She is a dachshund and she is really small! Yes, you can come over tomorrow and see her. Ask your mom! YAY!” Oh great another person to meet. The next day, Jackson came over. “Hi Jackson!” said Eliot.

“HIIIIIIII!” said Jackson. “Where is Bubbles?”

“Right here!” Eliot pointed behind her at me.


“Yeah!” said Eliot “Of course you can!”

To be continued.