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Question of the Week by Erin

Posted: October 28, 2011 by readergirl1265 in Food, Question of the Week
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What is your favorite Food?

Ms. Amanda-Chocloate

Ms. Kary-Salad

Caroline-Sweet potato souffle


Eliot- Pizza

Nicole- Pizza

Ms. Laura-Pizza

Camara-  Mac n’ cheese

Lilli- Ice cream

Cartter- None (too many)

Erin- Tacos

Paige- Grilled mac ‘n cheeese

Cassidy-Spring rolls



‘What are you going to be for Halloween?

Ms. Laura – Queen Amidala

Jacob – The Doctor (from Dr. Who)

Ka’neka – Nicki Manaj

Theo – Person from Illuminate

Augie – Fat Wilson

Noah – Ringo Star

Paige – Greek Goddess

Cartter – Cartter

Camara – Greek Goddess

Erin – Albert Einstein

Lilli – 50’s lady


Eliot – A Ghost

Question of the Week

Posted: October 7, 2011 by firefly12345 in Fun Stuff, Question of the Week

“What is Your Favorite Scent?”

Ms. Amanda – Grass and Earthy Smells

Mr. Jason – Lavender

Ms. Karen – Lavender

Ms. Jelaine – Vanilla Lavender

Mr. Chris – Lavender

Wilson – Vanilla

Aliyah – Cinnamon

Lilli – Patchoulli Vanilla

Alex – Vanilla Lace and Patchoulli Vanilla

Oscar – Basil

Jacob – Mint

Patten – Gasoline

Dominick – Boston Butt

Ms. Laura C. – Bacon 😀

Cartter – Vanilla

Ella – Lettuce

Camara and I asked a few middle schoolers a question. The question was “What’s your favorite dessert?” These are the answers we got.

Zachary- Doesn’t have a favorite.

Oscar- Cookies n’ cream ice cream

Alex- Apple pie

Brooke- Cherry pie

Noah- Strawberry cheesecake

Dominick- Chocolate pound cake with ice cream

Shelbe- Crème brûlée 

Jay- Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with chocolate sauce

Camara- White cake with white icing


Mr. Chris- Doesn’t have one but if he had to pick it would be cheesecake.

Cartter- cherry pie

Paige- Trudge bowl cake (a giant chocolate cake that’s very rich like the one in “Matilda”)

Lilli- Any flavor ice cream.

What’s your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments box.

Yup, it’s that time again, question of the week!

Here were your answers:

Avery: Grown ups

Ethan: Avatar

Ross: Tale of Despereaux

Andre: Couples Retreat

Sam: Twilight Saga

Patten: Quarantine

Sydney: Hannah Montana

Ms. Laura C.: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Mr. Chris: The Last Exorcism

What are yours?

Ms. Shanrunner

Here’s what they said!

Avery: Mrs. Shana, Roadrunner.

Lilli: Mr. Chris, Popeye.

Aliyah: Mrs. Amanda, Charlie Brown.

Kaneka: Ms. Jelaine, Tweety Bird.

Oscar: Mrs. Amanda, Tinker Bell.

Augie: Mr. Chris, Tasmanian devil.

Andre: Mr. Matt, Shaggy.

Erin (8th grade): Ms. Jelaine, Minnie Mouse.

Finn: Mr. Chris, Johnny Bravo.

Ian: Mrs. Karen, Velma.

Zack R: Ms. Laura, Marge Simpson.

Also, as an extra we asked Mr. Chris the same question with students instead of teachers. This is what he said: Dominick looks like Inspector Gadget and Lilli looks like Dora the explorer!

Mr. Chris benches a 2nd grader, photo by Patten

This is what you said:

Dominick, 500 lbs
Oscar, 210 lbs
Jay, 400 lbs
Augie, 357 lbs
Avery, 400 lbs
Chris, 425 lbs
Sean, 425 lbs
Andre, 410 lbs
Kaneka, 300 lbs
Nicole, 200 lbs
Zack R., 200 lbs
Noah, 200 lbs
Sydney, 320 lbs
Alex, 450 lbs
Zachary, 200 lbs
Gwen, 350 lbs
Paige M., 350 lbs

Here’s what he said: 400 lbs!!!