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Notice the NECK and the Body (don't make them to long or to short.)

I know what you are thinking.  “What the heck? Anyone can draw a stick figure!” 

That’s not true.

This IS A MAJOR PROBLEM! I don’t know how many people I’ve seen that don’t know how to do a proper stick figure.

                                                                               Here is what NOT to do:

Perfect Proportion!

 Here is what to do:



How to draw a stitched heart

Posted: November 4, 2010 by Idiot_America in How To
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 First, just start with a heart:                            

Second, draw lines into it:


Third, draw x’s on the lines:

Fourth, add more stitches and put drops down it:  

Then put in additional things:


How to Draw a Vampire

Posted: October 29, 2010 by zacharymj in Halloween, How To
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How to draw a Manga Face

Posted: October 8, 2010 by zacharymj in How To
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This is how to draw a simple Manga face.  Manga is the style of Japanese cartoons.  I’m starting with it because A. It looks awesome and B. I think it’s easier to draw when your first starting out.  (It gives you the basics of things which you can make more reallistic when you get better and you’re not dissapointed in your first drawings because they still look pretty cool.)  I know what you’re thinking- “Shouldn’t you start with basic stuff like shading and shapes?”  Well, personally I think that stuff’s kinda boring, so I’m going to start with something fun and maybe I’ll do a post on that later, but right now we’ll just learn by doing it.

Here goes: