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10 Random Facts of the Week: Llamas

Posted: September 23, 2011 by iluvsoftball3 in Animal Facts, Funny Photos
  • Llamas are memebers of the camel family.

    BFFs hanging out

  • About 3 million years ago, llamas’ ancestors migrated to South America.
  • Llamas are smart and easy to train.
  • Llamas weigh between 280 and 450 pounds and can carry about a quarter of their body weight.
  • Llamas are vegetarians.
  • Llamas live to be about 20 years old.
  • Llamas prefer to live with other llamas.
  • Llamas dont bite.
  • Llamas spit when their angry, but that’s mainly at each other.
  • There are about 20,ooo- 25,000 llamas currently living in the U.S. and Canada.