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Dear Sunshine

Posted: October 1, 2010 by sunnyfun in Dear Sunshine ツ
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Dear Sushine,

My friend is being very obnoxious to everyone. She’s rude and mean. I don’t know what to do. Help?  -Anonymous


I think you need to look at her point of view first. Maybe she is going through a difficult time and needs a way to express herself. She might not be doing it in a very productive way, but that’s where you come in. Help her out, maybe watch her for a few days and see if she is doing it to be mean or can’t control herself.  

Tell her how it affects others and you. Help her control herself. Also try to help others who she maybe had an effect on.

Sincerely, Sunshine ツ                                                                                   

Dear Sunshine,

A friend of mine often lies. I can’t tell whether she is being truthful when she talks or not. How can I make my friend stop?  -Partypeep


I’ve had issues with that myself in the past. There really is no way to tell. What I’d suggest is tell them it hurts your feelings, if you haven’t already. Tell them it isn’t cool to lie to your friends and you don’t like it. From there decide if this is a friend worth keeping.

Sincerely, Sunshine ツ

Dear Sunshine,

I like this girl. She’s really smart and pretty.  I like her but I’m worried if I tell her she won’t like me back. -Lostinlike


I’ll tell you what I tell others in this situation: if you think you like them, tell them. They might think you’re brave for telling them and they might like you too. If you do tell them and they don’t like you in the same way and just want to be friends, it’s okay. You may have just bettered you relationship with that person. Don’t be afraid of what people might think. She’ll like you for you and you don’t need to change for anyone.

Sincerly, Sunshine ツ

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