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A Good Cause

Posted: October 21, 2011 by ccf9890 in Charity, CLC News
Tags: , , is a site created by Candy and Jimbo Fisher (head coach for FSU football). The Fishers’ youngest son was diagnosed with fanconi anemia, a rare form of cancer.


The Fishers, from

Fanconi anemia (FA) is a rare medical condition affecting about 1 in 131,000 people. People with Fanconi anemia can have a variety of health issues including shortness, dark and light skin patches, thumb and arm differences, kidney problems, gastrointestinal problems, heart defects, hearing problems and others. Some people with Fanconi anemia have no physical differences, but nearly all people will have problems with their blood.

The blood can stop making red blood cells, white blood cells and/or platelets and in some cases be cancerous leading to leukemia. When this happens, a life-saving but also life-threatening procedure called blood or marrow transplantation (BMT) is usually required. The BMT procedure fixes the blood concerns in a person with Fanconi anemia but does not fix the other medical concerns.  (from

Another of Fishers’ site is . Both sites have online shops and ways to donate money to this cause. The money will go toward research at the The Fanconi Anemia Comprehensive Care Program at the University of Minnesota, the single largest treatment center for patients with Fanconi anemia in the country.



Mr.Jason Uncovered

Posted: September 9, 2011 by blush11 in CLC News, Interviews
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By Camara and Kayla

What made you interested in teaching?

The chance to feel like my life made a difference, and I love kids.

What made you want to teach at Cornerstone?

It was a oppertunity to help build a school, that I felt had the same educational values I did.

What’s your favorite color?


Have you ever taught at another school besides Cornerstone?

A place called the Outward Bound Mountain Institute.

If you could match your personality with that of an animal’s, what would that animal be and why?

A dolphin, because they’re social animals and other dolphins matter to them.

Whats your favorite thing about teaching kids?

Laughing and learning

How long have you been teaching at Cornerstone?

This is his 11th year

Do you have any pets?

Quincy, Fisher, Tater, Pandora (his daughter) and Kalliope (his other daughter)

 Do you teach outside of Cornerstone? 

Not on purpose.

Interview with Mrs. Amanda

Posted: September 2, 2011 by firefly12345 in CLC News, Interviews
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Paige and I did an interview with Mrs. Amanda our spanish teacher and these are her answers and our questions:

1. When did you learn spanish?

She continued spanish when she was a fresh man in high school but could speak it fluently when she turned 21.

2. How did you hear about CLC?

She heard about it on Craig’s list since she wasn’t from around here.

3. Why did you take this job?

She liked what the school was about so she came and had an interview. At first it started as a teacher’s helper and then became the spanish teacher for the whole school.

 4. What interested you in spanish?

“I always thought that it was cool to speak another language it felt like a secret code.”

5. What’s your favorite dessert?

” I love anything chocolate.”

6. What’s your favorite color?


7. If you had the option to teach anything else what would you teach?

She would like to teach english in a spanish speaking country.

8. Who is your idol?

Her mom and my grandma.

9. What’s your favorite band/song/genre?


10. Why is it important to you to learn another foriegn language?

“Learning another language gives you acess to lots of people you couldn’t talk to before.”

One Can at a Time

Posted: November 19, 2010 by chris in CLC News
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Currently in middle school every “flex time” the students are working on their service learning projects. One of the groups, the environment group, consists of one eighth grader, three seventh graders, and three sixths graders. One seventh grader named Dominick said, “Our group is collecting cans in the hopes of winning a $100 gift card to Home Depot to use to clean up our school.”
When asked how they are doing so far, he said, “Well, I think we’re doing quite well. We already have a large trash can full of cans, and a big trash bag full of ‘em that we collected from different classrooms. I can hardly lift the trash bag; but that’s not really saying much because I’m not very strong. Oh, and in the meanwhile, we are doing our campus good by picking up so many cans and litter.”

They plan on using the money they raise to help beautify the school. One of the things they are considering is donating money towards the rose arbor that will go over the boardwalk, planting flowers, and doing some general repairs to the campus.

If you have any ideas about what to fix up, please comment on this post.

Baby Service Group

Posted: November 19, 2010 by Idiot_America in CLC News

At Cornerstone Learning Community, service projects are important to all. This is why a few students are doing a toy drive–to benefit the mind development and needs of babies.

“We love babies and really want to help them,” says Ka’Neka, one of the group’s members.

Ka’Neka along with Cami, Erin, Gwen, Zoe and Nate are going to have a stuffed animal, toy, art supply, and blanket drive at Cornerstone, which will be given to the hospital for the babies. They are going to do this because they believe it’s important to help babies that have nothing and need things. They like the subject of helping the babies in need and are going with it. 

“We do believe this is going to work.”  says Ka’Neka.

The Cornerstone middle school has group service projects.  Oscar, Paige, Aliyah, Caroline, Zachary, Dawn, Ethan, Nikole, Cassidy and Lilli are all part of a group that is dedicated to helping animals by getting them adopted, donating to the Leon County Humane Society and raising money.

“I’d say the group’s goal is to get as many animals as possible to good homes and families,” says Ethan.

After much brainstorming, they decided the first thing they’d do to raise money was a bake sale.

“We got $135 dollars, it was really good,” says Oscar.

They are working hard to help animals and plan to do a car wash, a change drive and more to raise money for supplies for the shelter.  They’ve also handed out flyers in atempts to get animals adopted and are continuing to work hard.  When asked what he thought they should do next, Nikole replied, “I think a car wash would be good.”

If you can help in any way, to this post.  Here is a link to the Leon County Humane Society.

CLC Gets a New Structure

Posted: September 18, 2010 by sidsalmon3 in CLC News
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photo by Gwen

By: Gwen, Sydney, and Zoe

“I think students should always have a voice,” said Tony Brown, Upper School Director for Cornerstone Learning Community.

At CLC students are delighted with the newest addition to their upper school playground, a play structure consisting of a climbing wall, slide, ladder, and boardwalk.

Starting with a budget of $5,000, Brown soon realized that they would need to double their spending in order to meet all of the safety standards. Sharp edges needed to be rounded, recycled tire mulch had to be laid, and professionals needed to be hired for the installation.

Meghan Mick, a landscape architect from the design company The Ground Up, first came to CLC to hear the student’s ideas for a new structure to replace an existing one. She discussed the logistics with the students and created a draft based on their opinions, which would influence the final product.

Bruce Dewey, a carpenter and a father of a student at Cornerstone, came in to help with the actual building of the new structure.  Then Michael Innes, a contractor from Swing Sets by Design, and his crew completed the structure, rounded off all the rough edges and made sure it met safety standards.

Over a span of six week they worked together to build something that the students could play on safely once they returned from summer break.

“I think it’s nice to have something new on the playground. It gives the older kids something more to do.” said Nicola, a 4th grader.

“It’s a really fun structure; it adds a lot of dimension to the playground. I think it uses up the space better than the previous structure. People seem to be having fun with it too,” said Finneas, an 8th grader.

When asked what was next for the school playground, Brown said, “I heard a lot about a zip line…”