Posted: April 6, 2012 by lillish in Uncategorized

Our dream day of school is only wheels! Only Ms. Laura C teaching them. Only very attractive guys.
The wheel classes would consist of :
1) Photography
2) Salsa dancing
3) Cooking

4) Singing

5) Art/drawing

6) Soccer

7) Music

8) Costume design/stage make- up

9) Swimming

10) Video making


This school day will be a whole day long and we would go to Tropical Smoothie for lunch and Moe’s for dinner.

We would have as long as we wanted for lunch and would always have ice cream afterwards. THIS WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER.
Every day would be pajama day or bathing suit day and we would have a large waterslide going into a pool with a ski lift to the top and we would also have an amusement park where the quarter mile track is. This amusement park would have a water park with little squirty things coming out of the ground and there would be five roller coasters.
After this day ends there would be a school slumber party and we would stay the night then ONE DIRECTION would perform.  THE END.


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