Hunger Games Movie Reveiw

Posted: March 30, 2012 by cartter in Movies

I thought the Hunger Games movie was very good. I didn’t like how shaky the camera was at the action scenes and how fast the camera angle switched. I like how the movie followed the book. There were only a couple changes from the book to the movie. I liked how long the movie was because that way it could capture nearly everything. One of my favorite scenes was when Katniss shot an arrow at the bag of apples and blew up everything.  Another scene I liked was at the beginning of the Hunger Games and everyone got their packs and ran into the woods.

The beginning of the Hunger Games was pretty fast paced but it slowed down as the games went on. I thought too many people were killed at the beginning of the Games. About half of the people were killed then. In the book only a few people were killed at the beginning. I didn’t think the Capitol would be that futuristic. I thought it was cool how the game makers could spawn things, for example the muttations.

I’m looking forward to Catching Fire. Only I hope they use a tripod when filming the action scenes and only use a couple of camera angles.


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