Hunger Games Movie Review

Posted: March 30, 2012 by ethanj in Amazing Movies, Fun Stuff, Hunger Games, Movies, Reviews, Reviews
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Here are some reviews of the Hunger Games movie from the Journalism class (and best friends):

Lilli: AH-FREAKINGMAZING! Disappointed there were no shirtless Peeta (link to another post about Peeta) scenes.

Cartter: Should have used a different actor for Peeta, I pictured more thin. Just look up Peeta.

Aliyah: Liked it, it was awesome.

Wilson: Good movie, for a movie from a book.

Ms. Laura C: Liked it so much, I saw it three times.

Ethan (me): The Hunger Games is, by far, the best movie I have ever seen. While some of the special effects may be unrealistic,  the story line is very good, and it follows the book’s story line almost exactly. If I had to pick one movie from 2000-2012, to be guaranteed a Oscar, I would definitely pick the Hunger Games. If you had to pick only one movie to see each year, I would recommend the Hunger Games.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 Stars

The Hunger Games Trailer


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