Review: Google’s New Samsung Chromebook

Posted: October 28, 2011 by ethanj in Reviews, Technology
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I have recently acquired one of the new Chromebooks, and decided to write a review. So, here it is:

The Chromebook is exactly what it says. It focuses on using the internet. For the people upset about this, that is what it advertised; the web:

Chromebooks: Nothing but the WebThat aside, it boots up very fast (~6 seconds!), and is ready to login. The login is very simple, it just uses whatever @gmail email you gave it when it was first turned on. Some of them come with VZ 3G Wireless, (but, is $500 for that model) and you get 100 MB per month for two years.

Ever had to clear a computer because programs are taking up too much memory? The Chromebook gets around that! All programs are stored online, and can be downloaded at any time from the Chrome Web Store. The only program that CAN be offline I have found is Angry Birds (be happy for that, fans out there!).

Shutdown is as easy as the rest! Click the wrench (Yes, from Google Chrome, Chrome is the TECHNICAL operating system…), then Log Off, and then 1 second later, click shutdown, and it shuts down in 3 seconds.

The Intel Processor does it’s job, the computer is very fast. The internet is just as good: it connects to ANY available remembered network on login, and it is super fast on a just decent network. For a laptop (even a web one), this laptop is tops. Anyone wanting a cheap, fast laptop, should consider this one a major possibility!

Buy here from Amazon: CLICK ME

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