Halloween Night

Posted: October 28, 2011 by cartter in Halloween
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“Stop touching me!” Carlos screeched.

“Both of you stop. Get on your costumes, I will get your walkie-talkies. Now remember, you know going out of the neighborhood is outlawed and no going on the west side of the neighborhood. That’s the bad side,” Betty (the mom) said.

“Ok mom, we will be careful, by.” Molly said in her extremely high-pitched baby voice.

Betty gave Molly and Carlos each walkie-talkies and kept one for her self. She told them two switch to channel two. After they switched to channel two on the walkie-talkies they left. Immediately Molly and Carlos started getting candy.

“Hey, lets go to the west side woods,” Carlos said.

“No,  mother said we can’t go there,” Molly replied.

“Well were still going,” Carlos said.

Carlos and Molly started walking towards the west woods. After about ten minutes of walking they reached the woods. There was a danger sign but they ignored it. The woods were foggy and there was a full moon. Suddenly there was a cracking noise.

“What was that,” Molly said.

“I don’t know but lets keep going.” Carlos said.

Suddenly a monster jumped out behind a bush. Molly and Carlos started running home crying. When they arrived, they heard the back door open. Their mom walked in. Where were you guys. Carlos and Molly simply just walked to their rooms. They mom quietly put a monster costume in trash and went to bed.


  1. Theo says:

    This was a good story but that mom is pretty mean. But good story I liked it alot. Good twist.

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