Posted: October 21, 2011 by iluvsoftball3 in Slang

Definition- to hit with force. Ex I’m gonna shniben you.

Please use this amazing new word created by Cassidy.

  1. ethanj says:

    This is also a game:
    Rules: No hitting when eating lunch.
    Players: Infinite
    1 player is the “Shnibbened”, and they try to tag someone else, then they are no longer “Shnibbened”, and then that person tries to tag… etc;
    It is really fun!

  2. iluvsoftball3 says:

    It was my word first

  3. Idiot_America says:


  4. ethanj says:

    But it is now a fun game, as well as a word…
    Try the game, and the word.

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