Nicki Miraj Gone Missing… (Fictional)

Posted: October 21, 2011 by Idiot_America in Uncategorized

By: Nicole and Cassidy

Nicki Miraj was last seen in Trindad hangin’ with her family, when she suddenly disappeared after a walk on the beach.

Miraj’s biggest fan, Ka’Neesha White, was found on the same beach on the same day she disappeared. White has a prior record of stalking Miraj, who issued a restraining order against her biggest fan in 2010. Stalking runs in her family. When White was taken in for interrogation. she said, “I love Nicki with all my heart. Why would I do such a cruel, cruel thing?”

It just so happens, White doesn’t live in Tinidad, and the body of our beloved Miraj was not to be found.


Miraj’s cousin, Cartter A, was very upset to hear his favorite singer AND favorite cousin was found dead. He said, sobbing, “I will take over my dead cousin’s career so she will live on… I will become Cartter Miraj.” 

At the moment White is behind bars. Trinidad Chief of Police said, “The capture was quite diffucult–she wound up eating two of our officers, but she’s locked up and won’t be killing anymore of her idols anymore. We are still trying to get information on where the body of Miraj is. Until then, White won’t be a danger to anyone else.”

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