Steve Jobs: Contributions to Technology

Posted: October 14, 2011 by ethanj in Technology

The recent death of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, has been tragic. However, during his 56 year lifetime, he made some amazing contributions to technology.

From the beginning, in 1984, he intrduced the Macintosh Computer. However, in the end of 1984, a industrial wide sales slump caused Apple to layoff some people. Later, in late May 1985, Jobs became one of those people.

So, in the same year, with 7 million dollars, Jobs founded NeXT Computer. But, barely a year later, he had to apply for venture capital. Luckily, he attracted the attention of billionare Ross Peroe. So, in 1990, NeXT Workstations were released for $9,999.

After a few new computers, in 1994, NeXT told people it had made it’s first profit of 1.03 million dollars. In 1996, NeXT released WebObjects, a interface for application development. When NeXT was acquired by Apple Inc in 1997, WebObjects was used to make Apple Store, Mobile Me, and then the iTunes Store.

In 1986, Jobs bought the Graphics Group, later to be Pixar. While Jobs was there, they made several succesful movies, like the Toy Story series, WALL-E, and CARS, and several other animations. Many of them recieved Academy Awards of Best Animated Feature. After Disney purchased Pixar in and all-stock transaction worth 7.4 billion dollars, Jobs became the Walt Disney Company’s biggest shareholder with 7% of their stock.

In 1996, Apple announced that it would buy NeXT for $429 million, bringing Jobs back. Then, in July 1996, Jobs became CEO after Gil Amelio was fired. So, as Apple morphed with NeXT, many NeXT products found their way into Apple, such as NeXTSTEP, which became Apple Max OSX.

Through the years, Apple came out with iPod, Apple Store, iTunes Music Store, and, on June 29, 2007, Apple released the iPhone 1G.

Sadly, in August 2011, Steve Jobs announced his resignation from Apple as CEO, but remained on the board.

Through the years, Jobs has made many contributions to technology, and did a great job as Apple CEO, allowing the company to rival Microsoft.

Source: Wikipedia




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