Modern Warfare 2 Review

Posted: September 23, 2011 by cartter in Reviews
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Modern Warfare 2 a first-person shooter game. Grant Collier is the president of Infinity Ward whose first franchise was Call of Duty, a series of first-person shooters based on various wars during the 20th century. Infinity Ward was acquired by Activision in 2003.

The Modern Warfare 2 game has changed a lot compared to the previous Call of Duty game, (World at War). World at War was based on World War II which was about 70 years ago. Modern Warfare 2 was based in the future which is different from World at War. Modern Warfare 2’s  weapons have also changed compared to World at War’s weapons. In Modern Warfare 2, you can have a shotgun as a secondary weapon. This means you can have a machine gun, a sniper or a sub machine gun as your primary weapon and you can have a pistol, a machine pistol, a launcher or a shotgun as your secondary weapon. In World at War you can’t have a shotgun as your secondary. If you choose to pick a shotgun in World at War, it will count as your primary.

I like the different variety of weapons in Modern Warefare 2 but I don’t like how short the single player mode is.


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