Question of the day is “What’s your favorite dessert?”

Posted: September 16, 2011 by firefly12345 in Fun Stuff, Interviews, Question of the Week

Camara and I asked a few middle schoolers a question. The question was “What’s your favorite dessert?” These are the answers we got.

Zachary- Doesn’t have a favorite.

Oscar- Cookies n’ cream ice cream

Alex- Apple pie

Brooke- Cherry pie

Noah- Strawberry cheesecake

Dominick- Chocolate pound cake with ice cream

Shelbe- Crème brûlée 

Jay- Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with chocolate sauce

Camara- White cake with white icing


Mr. Chris- Doesn’t have one but if he had to pick it would be cheesecake.

Cartter- cherry pie

Paige- Trudge bowl cake (a giant chocolate cake that’s very rich like the one in “Matilda”)

Lilli- Any flavor ice cream.

What’s your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments box.


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