Mr.Jason Uncovered

Posted: September 9, 2011 by blush11 in CLC News, Interviews
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By Camara and Kayla

What made you interested in teaching?

The chance to feel like my life made a difference, and I love kids.

What made you want to teach at Cornerstone?

It was a oppertunity to help build a school, that I felt had the same educational values I did.

What’s your favorite color?


Have you ever taught at another school besides Cornerstone?

A place called the Outward Bound Mountain Institute.

If you could match your personality with that of an animal’s, what would that animal be and why?

A dolphin, because they’re social animals and other dolphins matter to them.

Whats your favorite thing about teaching kids?

Laughing and learning

How long have you been teaching at Cornerstone?

This is his 11th year

Do you have any pets?

Quincy, Fisher, Tater, Pandora (his daughter) and Kalliope (his other daughter)

 Do you teach outside of Cornerstone? 

Not on purpose.


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