Interview: Ms.Kary

Posted: September 9, 2011 by ethanj in Interviews

I interviewed a CLC Support Services teacher, Ms Kary.

The following are her answers to my questions:

Why did you choose to work for CLC?: A great place to work, wonderful committed teachers, great campus, fun place to work, and she likes the students and parents that come here.

Why did you choose this post?: I have always had an interest in helping and an interest in how people learn. This was a way to learn more about that.

(follow-up)How long have you been interested in helping?: I started as an undergraduate, met some people who were hearing impaired or deaf, started to learn sign language.

Did you try for a degree as this type of teacher?: Yes, most people who work in area of supporting students with disabilities have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, many have a Master’s Degree, I happen to have a PhD as well in speech language pathology

When did you begin to work at CLC?: seven and a bit years ago

Do you enjoy working here: Absolutely. It is one of the best places I’ve ever worked at. The people I work with really make it fun and interesting, and the area is great.

Have you ever worked anywhere else before CLC?: Yes, I’ve had several jobs, at the Wakulla County Library, worked with parents who were unable to complete their education.

How long have you been working with kids?: 20 years.

Have there been any stressful times here?: Always at the beginning of the year, because I’m meeting new students who might need help, and I’m trying to get things started with students I already know.

(follow-up)What are some of  the most stressful times you’ve had?: When we’ve had a student/family who was interested in coming to CLC, and we just don’t have space or room to serve them. When you are in a job like I am, you want to help as many kids as possible, and sometimes we’ll meet a kid through the admissions process that we find out either they’re needs are too big and we’re not the right place for them, or we don’t have enough room for them.


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