What you DIDN’T know about Mr. Chris by Lilli and Wilson

Posted: September 2, 2011 by williwilson in Uncategorized

Lilli and I interviewed Mr. Chris and here is what had to say…

What is your favorite color?


What inspired you to be a P.E. Teacher?

Playing Sports.

What is your favorite part of being a P.E. Teacher?

Teaching kids sports.

What’s your favorite sport?


How old were you when you started playing sports competitively?

Six or seven.

What is your favorite wheel class to teach?


What is you favorite age group to teach?

I like them all the same.

What do you do to inspire sportsmanship?

Enforce it during sports.

And your favorite sports team?

FSU Seminoles.

And last but not least… Are you sad that you didn’t make American Idol?

I did make it, but had to go home.

So, are these answers close to what you were thinking he would say? Leave your opinion in the comments and see what others had to say.


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