Baby Service Group

Posted: November 19, 2010 by Idiot_America in CLC News

At Cornerstone Learning Community, service projects are important to all. This is why a few students are doing a toy drive–to benefit the mind development and needs of babies.

“We love babies and really want to help them,” says Ka’Neka, one of the group’s members.

Ka’Neka along with Cami, Erin, Gwen, Zoe and Nate are going to have a stuffed animal, toy, art supply, and blanket drive at Cornerstone, which will be given to the hospital for the babies. They are going to do this because they believe it’s important to help babies that have nothing and need things. They like the subject of helping the babies in need and are going with it. 

“We do believe this is going to work.”  says Ka’Neka.

  1. Erin DE. says:

    Dats My group!!!!!……Nice work Journalism peps!!!!

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