The “Help Animals” Service Project Group

Posted: November 5, 2010 by zacharymj in CLC News
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The Cornerstone middle school has group service projects.  Oscar, Paige, Aliyah, Caroline, Zachary, Dawn, Ethan, Nikole, Cassidy and Lilli are all part of a group that is dedicated to helping animals by getting them adopted, donating to the Leon County Humane Society and raising money.

“I’d say the group’s goal is to get as many animals as possible to good homes and families,” says Ethan.

After much brainstorming, they decided the first thing they’d do to raise money was a bake sale.

“We got $135 dollars, it was really good,” says Oscar.

They are working hard to help animals and plan to do a car wash, a change drive and more to raise money for supplies for the shelter.  They’ve also handed out flyers in atempts to get animals adopted and are continuing to work hard.  When asked what he thought they should do next, Nikole replied, “I think a car wash would be good.”

If you can help in any way, to this post.  Here is a link to the Leon County Humane Society.


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