Black Cats: good luck or bad luck?

Posted: October 29, 2010 by sophie1952 in Halloween
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One day you and some friends are on your way home from school and with all the talking you don’t see it at first. As you get closer you see it more clearly–the black cat! It sees you and runs in frunt of you. It has happened! A black cat has crossed your path!

Is it truly bad luck? 

King Charles I had a black that he vauled and protected. The day after the cat died, King Charles was arrested.

When sailors went to sea, their wives would keep a black cat to give their husbands good luck. Sometimes these cats were sold in markets.

In a place called Lincolnshire, a man and his son were walking on a night with no moon. They saw a small dark thing cross their path, but then it disappeared in a hole and they tossed stones at it. When the cat came out, it was a beat-up. The cat ran into the house that was thought to be a witch. When they saw the witch the next day, she was beat-up as well. From then on they thought black cats were witches in disguise.

In some places they tried to drive black cats to extinction. 

If you find one pure white hair in an all-black cat and pull it out without being scratched than you will have VERY good luck.

As you can see, there are a lot of things we are not sure of when it comes to black cats and luck.

The next day is Halloween and you tell your friends about the black cat. They want to know if something bad has happened to you. Nothing has yet…

  1. ella:) says:

    hahahhah sophie123 xD
    great post, awesome subject, but there are lots of miss spellings. you might wanna check that out.

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