If your middle school teacher were a cartoon character, which character would they be?

Posted: October 8, 2010 by futurebotsinc in Question of the Week
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Ms. Shanrunner

Here’s what they said!

Avery: Mrs. Shana, Roadrunner.

Lilli: Mr. Chris, Popeye.

Aliyah: Mrs. Amanda, Charlie Brown.

Kaneka: Ms. Jelaine, Tweety Bird.

Oscar: Mrs. Amanda, Tinker Bell.

Augie: Mr. Chris, Tasmanian devil.

Andre: Mr. Matt, Shaggy.

Erin (8th grade): Ms. Jelaine, Minnie Mouse.

Finn: Mr. Chris, Johnny Bravo.

Ian: Mrs. Karen, Velma.

Zack R: Ms. Laura, Marge Simpson.

Also, as an extra we asked Mr. Chris the same question with students instead of teachers. This is what he said: Dominick looks like Inspector Gadget and Lilli looks like Dora the explorer!

  1. ella:) says:

    mr chris- fat albert xD

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