CLC Gets a New Structure

Posted: September 18, 2010 by sidsalmon3 in CLC News
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photo by Gwen

By: Gwen, Sydney, and Zoe

“I think students should always have a voice,” said Tony Brown, Upper School Director for Cornerstone Learning Community.

At CLC students are delighted with the newest addition to their upper school playground, a play structure consisting of a climbing wall, slide, ladder, and boardwalk.

Starting with a budget of $5,000, Brown soon realized that they would need to double their spending in order to meet all of the safety standards. Sharp edges needed to be rounded, recycled tire mulch had to be laid, and professionals needed to be hired for the installation.

Meghan Mick, a landscape architect from the design company The Ground Up, first came to CLC to hear the student’s ideas for a new structure to replace an existing one. She discussed the logistics with the students and created a draft based on their opinions, which would influence the final product.

Bruce Dewey, a carpenter and a father of a student at Cornerstone, came in to help with the actual building of the new structure.  Then Michael Innes, a contractor from Swing Sets by Design, and his crew completed the structure, rounded off all the rough edges and made sure it met safety standards.

Over a span of six week they worked together to build something that the students could play on safely once they returned from summer break.

“I think it’s nice to have something new on the playground. It gives the older kids something more to do.” said Nicola, a 4th grader.

“It’s a really fun structure; it adds a lot of dimension to the playground. I think it uses up the space better than the previous structure. People seem to be having fun with it too,” said Finneas, an 8th grader.

When asked what was next for the school playground, Brown said, “I heard a lot about a zip line…”


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