How much weight can Mr. Chris bench press?

Posted: September 17, 2010 by patteninthehouse in Question of the Week
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Mr. Chris benches a 2nd grader, photo by Patten

This is what you said:

Dominick, 500 lbs
Oscar, 210 lbs
Jay, 400 lbs
Augie, 357 lbs
Avery, 400 lbs
Chris, 425 lbs
Sean, 425 lbs
Andre, 410 lbs
Kaneka, 300 lbs
Nicole, 200 lbs
Zack R., 200 lbs
Noah, 200 lbs
Sydney, 320 lbs
Alex, 450 lbs
Zachary, 200 lbs
Gwen, 350 lbs
Paige M., 350 lbs

Here’s what he said: 400 lbs!!!

  1. Abdel says:

    YaY for Jay

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